Can someone tell me the reason for the fan near the extruder. Is it to cool the extruder or the PLA or both?

Thanks, wayneh

It’s to cool the piece not the extruder !

That is what I assumed until I went to looking at a lot of nozzles at thingiverse. Looked to me like they were heading to the extruder. My mistake, obviously. Thanks for the info, wayneh

Hi WayneH,

there are both types. Some extruders and hotends need active cooling to make the coldend (i.e. all parts above the thermal barrier) live up to its name. In turn, some materials do not really need active cooling when being extruded, ABS for example reacts with increased warping and bad layer adhesion to too much cooling.

In case of PLA and the extruder and hotend assembly of the K8200, the fan is for the object.