Fan nozzle on k8200

Hi all, I have yet to install a fan nozzle on my printer. I have okish looking prints. They look much better after upgrading the z axis with a trapezoidal lead screw but still have some minor imperfections on them. Mainly small blobs and zits. Do you think a fan nozzle will help this and if so which one. I see a lot of comments saying the velleman nozzle is no good and I should try on of the many on thingiverse. Would this also help with bed adhesion? Sometimes the print sticks well and other times it lifts and warps. I am using a glass plate on the bed.

I used velleman nozzle for a bit but then printed a tighter one from thingiverse and tried to ignore my feeling that it was actually worse. Turns out it was, with the kind of fan tha comes with the k8200 a tight nozzle can cause a weird phenomenon where the airflow spirals around and goes back out of the nozzle- my fan works normal without a nozzle, air goes in reverse with nozzle. The one I printed was this one:

Don’t know about other ones, but this one is no good.

I actually got a better result just removing nozzle and placing fan a bit closer.

You say bits and blobs, are they in a some pattern? I got that previously when extruder would retract and then start fresh on a spot, only realized that was the issue when I printed a cylinder and saw that the blobs were all in a perfect vertical line.

For bed adhesion I think the fix is using something like hairspray, gluestick or tape, haven’t tried it myself yet and I have indeed had some adhesion issues. Another solution that I’m gonna go for is using an enclosure, possible a heated one.