Fan for CPU Step Motors


I saw this piece on, but I could not find the stl or thinkiverse page :

Does somebody have a adresse or url for it ?


This part come from “skudman” user. I have already ask to share beginning of year but he doesn’t do.

I have just ask a new time hoping he reads the forum.

for information, this is the item link :

Ok, I’ll try to do something (probably with two fan of 40mm) and share it here.

I did it this way:

I have fitted small heatsinks on the stepper drivers. I never had any issues with overheating in the 6 months that i’m been using this printer. + This way the cables are also not visible :slight_smile:

I saw this part, but I prefer to leave the CPU without box, in order to see the led and, if necessary, to be able to press the reset button.

For the moment I have do it :

There is two parts.

I still have to improve one of the two parts. when this is done, I’ll share it.

Tthe complete assembly (I voluntary use two colors) :

the spacing between the gray part and the step is approximately 2mm.

I’ll post the STL this week end.

The stl are available at this address :