Fan cooling too much and too frequently

I have had few issues with my K8200 until now. The jobs are running fine for around 15 minutes and then the extrusion stops due to the extruder being too cool. I have covered the fan which seems to do the trick in terms of preventing the temperature drop - however the layers are now not cooling sufficiently and remain very soft when subsequent layers are applied. Clearly I can’t just cover the fan all the time. This has never been an issue before and the location of the fan and its angle have not been altered in any way. Any suggestions?

you tried a smaller fan, yet?

What’s the temp you’re using for extrusion? I tired 180deg on some cheap red PLA that is pretty oozey and had the same issue. I had to put the temp back up to 190deg. I guess that temp to prevent cold extrusion can be tweaked in the firmware if you feel brave. Maybe slide the fan further away. Or one of those more directional nozzles. Are you using the stock extruder and fan?

In your Gcode look for M106 S???

Try reducing the speed. S127 is about 50% I think.