False code destroyed motor shield?

I have a Problem with my VMA3. After I connected the step motor (L41 from Nanotec (http://www.velleman.eu/downloads/0/modules/usermanual_vma03.pdf) it started to move on the spot. It went one step forward and one step back. A few seconds after the motor shield broke.
So is it possible to destroy the motor shield by running a false code on the arduino?

This is highly unlikely, as the IC is equipped with all kinds of protection circuitry.
Having all kinds of protection does not mean that it is indestructable, so it is still possible to destroy the unit.
Hard to tell what exactly has happened.
Anyway, the IC used on this shield is very common, you can get it from almost every parts distributor. It is also easy to replace.

Thank you for your quick replay.
The Stepmotor Im trying to control needs 1.8 A in its RMS per coil. I don’t know its peak value. So can I your motor shield? Or is it possible that the peak value with had destroyed the shield?

These specs are very close to the limits. Since the current sensing circuit of the IC is not used in this particular application, it is possible that a too high motor current has destroyed the IC.