Extruder temperature drops?

I am new to this.

I have build the printer and I am following the manual for starting the repetier software. I am trying the heat the extruder to 190 C and bed to 50 C. Why does the temperature drops to room temperature after it reaches the desired temperature? The light on the circuit board also switches off after it reaches the desired temperature.

Any help?


Hi jacksatar1,

a few more details would be helpful. If you haven’t done it already, please check whether the heater(s) will drop out when you only heat the extruder, or only the bed. If they stay on, how stable is the temperature, or much does it fluctuate (min/max) during the next minutes?

Does the connection to Repetier Host remain stable, or does the controller board reboot (green LED “LD1” blinking twice)? In case of the latter, check the power supply voltage at the screw terminal for stability; should be 15 V.


Thanks for the reply kuraasu.

I tried heating up extruder only first. Desired 190 C, and the temperature drops after reaching around 185.

After that I tried heating up the bed, it reached the desired 50 but dropped down after reaching 50.

In both cases Voltage remains 15.5 V. The RED LED switches off and the GREEN LED blinks twice. ( Controller board reboots?)

What might be the cause/solution to this?

Thanks for the answer.