Extruder problem

Hey all of you.

I have come upon this little problem where my Extruder does not work anymore.
There is no movement on the extruder at all.
I have change the Extruder with the Z azis and the extruder then works fine, so the Stepper motor is OK.
I have then tried to switch the Stepper driver print from the Extruder to the Z azis, and it works too.
voltage on the stepper driver is near the 0.49 to 0.50.
When I look at the mainboard the little red LED does not blink or light up at all when manually tring to use the extruder.
Does anyone have any idea of any other things I can tri out. ???
Am I in that position, that I have to buy a new Main board.

or does anyone know how to contact Velleman for a repair, and what does that cost ???

I hope someone can help.

Kind regards Russell

Did you recently change the firmware?

Nope now firmware upgrades.
I havent got the balls to do that yet :wink:

Regards Russell

Then i fear the step line circuit for the extruder is blown.

I’d suggest to contact velleman for repair/replacement of the controller board.

Thx but how do I get in contact with them, and do you have any idea of what the repair price will be ??
A new Main board is about 1100 DKr
Each time I have search for Velleman support it links me to this support forum.

Regards Russell

I sent a report to the Velleman support team, they should contact you here soon.

How fit are you with electronics and soldering?

If the board is off warranty you maybe can fix itself.
The step pulse circuit is not that complex.

Thx for letting me getting in contact with them.

I am really good I am used to solder military grade but that is some time ago but please let me know what I should look for and I might give it a goo.
Thx again.

Regards Russell

If your mainboard is defective, you can request a replacement by creating a support ticket


VEL448 your link does not work are you sure of the link ???

Regards Russell

it should be support.velleman.eu