Extruder or Build Table Not Staying Centered While Printing

Hi there. I just got my 8200 built and everything seems to be working fine, except when the printer starts to build the 3rd - 4th layer of the object. I’m not sure if I am explaining this correctly ( new to 3d printing ), but the Extruder or Build Table isn’t staying centered. It starts building the next layer off to the side. The view port in Repetier (also the layer visualization ) doesn’t show the area that it is building; it shows the layer being built right on top the previous layer ( like nothing is wrong ). I’ve re-calibrated, reinstalled the drivers , and gone through all the settings, but I can not seem to figure this out. It is most likely something small I have over looked. I was hoping someone might be able to help me.

I am also attaching images of the build table and Repetier view port. I first thought that it might of been happening due to the build table not being truly flat so I attached a mirror and blue tape. Besides that I have not changed any settings (from default).

Image 1. This is the build table. The solid black square is the first 3 layers and the unfinished square is the start of the 4rd layer. It is exactly the same size.


Image 2. This is the view port. It doesn’t show anything of like what was built. You can see that it show the layer being built in the bottom left corner, however it was about 20mm higher on the actual table.


I have tried several different stl files. Some of my own and some found online. All with the same results. However sometimes it will build the 2nd - 3rd layer off to the bottom.

Thank you,


It looks like you may have a Y end stop problem
Watch the log area for end stop hits
Make sure the wiring for the Y end stop is not rubbing on the frame
You might want to turn the reference voltage up to 0.55 volts