Extruder not printing and temperature issues

Right now I am using ABS in the printer and heating the extruder to 240 F. The first problem I am having is after the printer heats the print-bed, it up it will switch the extruder temperature from 240 to 190, and even if I change the temperature manually, it will start printing at 190 degrees even though the extruder is still heating up. Once it reaches about 230 filament will start coming out and everything is fine. I managed to print a few parts flawlessly and then it started having a different issue.

Partially through one of my prints, filament stopped coming out of the extruder completely. The first time it happened, I manually heated the extruder and pushed filament through to make sure it wasn’t jammed. When I tried again, the same problem occurred except instead of waiting until mid-print to stop extruding it did it from the start.

Before all this started the extruder and temperature sensor were replaced because of damage. We have had the K8200 for about a year and have had much success with it.

If anyone has any tips on how to make everything run smoothly again, I would appreciate any help!

What Hotend do you use? The stock one?

Does the temperature drop appear randomly or only when the heatbed is switched on?

For example:
If the drop only happens while heating the power supply may be overload.

If the drop happens when the printer is moving it can be a loose thermistor, or an intermittent
open or short circuit in the ribbon cable or thermistor/heater wiring.



In the slicer settings did you select K8200_[color=#BF0000]abs[/color]_standard_settings_new?

The drop only happens when the printer is heating up in preparation to print something. It says its going to 240 up until the print-bed finishes heating. Once the extruder starts to heat the program will set it to 190 and I have to manually change it to 240 for it to continue heating once its reached 190.

Also i did notice that the printer settings under slicer says K8200_pla_standard even though everything else in the program recognizes I am used ABS, but that is the only option in the dropdown box.

Then go to slic3r configuration and look what print temperatures are set for that profile.
If you change them you must reselect them in repetiers slicer tab to mak the changes effective.

I checked in the configuration settings under slicer and the printer settings and everything looks to be at the right temperatures. I reapplied everything for good measure.

When you installed the software did you download this version of Repetier from this link?
It has both profiles PLA and ABS.
It also contains the drivers as well.
Since you have the driver installed you don’t need to do it again.
You will need to slice your project again using the ABS profile

I know right now its running Repeiter version .84 but I don’t remember exactly where the download was from, although I don’t think it was from the k8200 website. There is a profile on there for ABS too it just isn’t available to select for printer settings under slicer, although anything else can be set to ABS. I think I might try re-downloading it with that link though.

The link for the download is 095F.
This will have the PLA and ABS profile.
You should remove the old software and install this software.
When it asks about the drivers just cancel that part you already have them.

Remember when you install the newer version of Repetier re-slice your project with the ABS profile

Just tried out the updated software and under the slicer for print settings and extruder 1 I can pick from both the ABS and PLA settings but for printer settings both pla settings are all that are available. I decided to try a print to see what happens and when I clicked run job the temperature still switched to out of 190C. I figured it would just do the same thing it has been so I attempted to exit the job, but it didn’t listen and I ended up having to disconnect the printer in order to get it to stop heating up.

In Slic3r you have start code and end code options.

The start code contains things like homing the bed and priming the extruder.

The start code supplied with the K8200 version of Repetier/Slic3r sets the extruder temperature to 190 degrees before priming the extruder.

Unfortunately, they didn’t take into account the fact that Slic3r will not generate any further temperature commands if there are any in the start code. By setting the extruder temperature to 190 degrees in the start code, they basically lock the temperature and it will ignore any settings made elsewhere.

Just delete the line in the code and do a manual warm up before printing.