Extruder motor not working

Maybe you or Velleman can help. I think the controller board not working fine, but I am not sure. I hope you can help me.

I had upgraded my K8200 3D printer with the K8203 extruder kit according the instructions link below.


and upgraded the firmware according instructions link below.


Uploading the sketch went successfully with no errors.

I have an LCD module and went to the SETTINGS menu, RESTORE FAILSAFE , access this menu and the firmware loaded the new values into the EEPROM. I had chosen the STORE MEMORY menu so I stored the new values.

Testing: no movement extruder steppenmotor

I had checked steppenmotor X, Y,Z and extruder motor according youtube link below “How to Identify the Cause of Ender-3 Extrusion Motor Does Not Move”

I had checked motors driver with LCD module menu: Prepare àmove axisà move 1 mmàextruder. No movement extruder motor

Interchanged E motor line with the X motor line. E motor rotates now.

The wiring is ok.

Controller board NOT OK ?

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Did you try swapping the driver boards on the control card?

Yes… I swapped the driver board. Replaced with the new one VM8400DB.
Not working…

and I swapped E driver board with Z driver board and I had checked motors driver with LCD module:
no movement E truder

Controller board NOT OK ?