Extruder motor doesn't drive the sprocket

The little screw in the little sprocket does not grip well on the axle of the extruder motor. So I looked it up in the building manual, and on the picture they actually have a ribbed axle, but I only received smooth ones.

Somebody else coped with that problem?

We only supply motors with smooth axles. What ribbing do you mean?

The one that drives the small sprocket:



Hi Herbivoor,

it seems to me that the “structure” in question is just a reflection from the gear itself, not an actual mechanical feature.


When the sprocket doesn’t turn, does the sprocket kind of stutter? If so it can be a problem with the gears being too close - the small gear might not have leverage to turn the large one.

If you help the large gear along by hand, does the extruder motor turn? If so, move the motor sprocket further away from the feeder sprocket.

Hmm, maybe that would help. Thanks I will try that.

If the sprocket stutters, you will need to raise the ref. voltage of the extruder stepper driver. Do this in small increments and do not exceed 0.6V