Extruder-Motor and X-Motor not running

Hello there,

I am dealing with some problems, getting the motors running. All motors are wired correctly and the voltage is adjusted to 0.425 V but there are only two of the motors running.
When connecting the little plugs of the not running motors (X- and extruder-) to the places for the running motors (Y-, Z-) on the board, they are doing fine.
After checking that I measured the voltages between the pins of the plugs on the board. For pins of the working motors I receive a voltage of about 15 V, changing to 0 V while running the motor. On For pins of not working motors I do not receive any voltage, so I think, there should be a problem somewhere on the board.

I would appreciate any hint helping me to solve my problem.
Thanks in advance,

Try adjusting the stepper drivers to 0.55V
Try swapping stepper drivers
Make sure motors are actually driven by the firmware (i.e. make sure there is no end-stop issue or other).

Thank you for your reply.

I don’t think adjusting the voltage will work, because the motors are running on the other steppers, but I will try.

I already tried to change the steppers and it seems to depend on the drivers, not the steppers. Y-motor is running on Y-driver, but not on X-driver, X-motor is running on Y-driver bbut not on X-driver. Same with extruder and Z.

I don’t think I got your last point. What does that mean? How can I make that sure?

E.g. extruder will not work if temperature is not correct.
X-motor not running can be because of an end-stop issue.

Ok, so how do I check, if there is an end-stop issue?

Check the end-stops, measure continuity at the board connection. (I believe they are normal closed).