Extruder gives up after 5 hours printing

Guys is there a chance to fix this problem?
Printing after 5 hours all well then suddenly no more filament was being extruded…
Really extremely disappointing problem.

Do you have a new extruder that you can sell me ?
This one just gave up working…
I am trying to feed new filament - the filament goes inside well be turning the motor wheel but nothing is
being extruded. Temp is well at 190°C
What other extruders are compatible with the K8200?

Another question… Any chance to pause the printing and restart at the same layer?


Filament is totally stuck inside the barrel after 5 hours printing time…

Any ideas how we can solve this problem?
Will you guys have soon an online shop to buy repair parts?

This was not the idea I had when I chose Velleman for the kit.
I am spending more time repairing, the actually printing…