Extruder fans only get around 5V

Hello, I recently noticed that the extruders on my 3D printer weren’t running, the fans only seem to be getting around 5V (not very accurate because of my very old multimeter). I have checked at the connector at the motherboard and at the connector on the extruder board, these both seem to be getting 12V.

Any toughts on how I can fix this issue?


If you measure from the fan connector, you get 5v, right?
But If you measure from cable, that comes from motherboard you get 12v?

If this is so, i think the resistor is burned that is on the left side In extruder board. Its purpose is to lower the voltage from 15v down to 12v, as the fans are 12v design.
When resistor heats and burns, the resistance goes higher or burns completely, i think yours is gone…

Easy to replace, costs nothing, 10 ohm