Extruder does not release filament (ABS)

hi good day. i have problem in my K8200 printer and i don’t know what is the problem on small details using ABS filament. the problem is i print an eiffel tower, the first layer is good but when it comes to small details the extruder does not release a filament… i print 4 times different eiffel tower its same problem when it comes in small details. by the way i bought it here in the Philippines and its already assembled and i used PLA before and the print in small details is not good also but i finished printing the small eiffel tower. check the other picture below PLA filament.

[size=150]ABS FILAMENT b[/b][/size]

[color=#FF0000][size=150]PLA FILAMENT ( thingiverse.com/thing:53279 )[/size][/color]

For your PLA eiffel tower the hot-end is melting the plastic while printing as it stays almost all the time at the same place when printing the upper part of the tower; To avoid this, try to print another object of the same height along with your tower. So the head wont stay too long at the same spot.
In your ABS print it seems that you got a drop of the temperature so the filament is not extruded properly. It happens sometimes with the vibrations (bad contact of the connector on the motherboard). Check the temperature curve.