Exporting G-Code to where?

Another newbie question.

Under Windows 8 the Repetier log has the following line:

Exporting G-Code to: C:\users\art\AppData\Local\RepetierHostMiniFactory\composition.gcode

I can find no such directory, and no such file.

Art Cominio

P.S. I am obviously climbing a steep learning curve. My Google skills have failed me because I have yet to find a good G-Code reference or a good Repetier reference manual that discusses the subtleties that have been tripping me up. For example, I had trouble loading a STL file into Repetier until I tried using the “Load G-Code” menu command. It was not obvious to me that “Load G-Code” would also load a STL file, but I tried it and it worked.

OK, so I figured it out. Under Windows 8, hidden files and folders are not visible to the user. So I went to the control panel and changed the options so that hidden files and folders are visible.

This makes the AppData folder visible, so I can now see everything that Repetier and Slic3r stick in the folder

Art C.

You can also just go to start run. And type in %appdata%. To be able to browse to that file.