Error programming calibration value 0x2138 on K8048

I got a popup error when it finished writing to the chip. The popup says, “Error writing to Pic”.

The box Calibration value is in red and set to 0x2138.

Is my chip bad? Thank you.

I run the code verification and it compares perfectly, but it doesn’t run.

I found a post that mentions the OSCCAL that cannot be programmed by the PicProg2009? I don’t understand. Please help.

Thank you.

Windows XP
Serial port is native
K8048 works fine for other a PIC16F84A that I have had


You didn’t write which PIC type that you want to program.

example, a PIC16F84 doens’t have an OSCCAL byte.
PICprog read the value and write it back after a bulk erase, that could not be the problem.

Sorry, I missed out the big information.

The PIC I am trying to program is the PIC16F882

Even though the error pops up saying “Error programming Pic”, the K8048 reads the chip and verifies with no error. When I switch to run, nothing happens. The program is the demo1.hex, and I recompiled it for the correct chip (F882).

The Calibration value shows a value in red. Am I missing something here of my chip is bad. In fact, I have two of the F882 and both return with errors and the calibration value are slightly different. 0x2138 and 0x2338 (or something like that).

We have totally no experience with this PIC type.
The developer of the PICprog build in support for this PIC with the datasheet available that moment.
Maybe you can try and use another PIC type for your project ?

Thank you for your help.

I think either the board I assembled is flaky or the chip is not working, but otherwise I got it programmed with no error for the last few times now.
Hope it stays that way.