Error loading firmware

when uploading firmware for the Vertex 3D printer with one nozzle. Version M1-V1.4-H1 the following error message occurs:

exit status1
using typedef-name ´fpost_t´ after ´struct´
what with this?

Hello Libor,

You may get the error since you are using a newer version of Arduino IDE.
Regarding a firmware upgrade for Vertex K8400, you have to take 2 things into account:

Please use Arduino IDE version 1.0.6 => as the original firmware is written in this version.
The JPROG jumper (shunt) must be connected. on motherboard.

Arduino IDE version 1.0.6 can be downloaded from here:

Zip version; for non admin installation (ofline):

Best regards,

Or other solution: If newer Arduino IDE version > 1.0.6 is installed. and don’t want to remove current newer Arduino IDE version or use the “offline install” Arduino version.

Just replace the “fpos_t” with “filepos_t”, in two files: \Marlin\ SdBaseFile.cpp & \Marlin\ SdBaseFile.h on a total of 8 places. That was what they did in the newer “Marlin firmware versions and newer IDE’s >1.0.6”.

Recap: change fpos_ with filepos_

For file: SdBaseFile.cpp

297   void SdBaseFile::getpos(fpos_t* pos){   ===>   297  void SdBaseFile::getpos(filepos_t* pos){
928   fpos_t pos;                             ===>   928  filepos_t pos;
1495  void SdBaseFile::setpos(fpos_t* pos){   ===>  1495  void SdBaseFile::setpos(filepos_t* pos){

For file: SdBaseFile.h

34  * \struct fpos_t                       ===>    34   * \struct filepos_t
38  struct fpos_t {                        ===>    38   struct filepos_t {
43  fpos_t() : position(0), cluster(0) {}  ===>    43   filepos_t() : position(0), cluster(0) {}
199 void getpos(fpos_t* pos);              ===>    199  void getpos(filepos_t* pos);
203 void setpos(fpos_t* pos);              ===>    203  void setpos(filepos_t* pos);

Best regards,
Velleman support