Electronic housing

A housing for an electronic modul, designed with “snap-in” cover. Any ideas how to improve surface quality?

You can try to improve surface quality by mounting the bottom of the Z motor to the frame (so it can not wobble)
This way if you have a slightly warped threaded Z rod the motor won’t woble and pull the rod straight. the Z motor can handle the extra lateral stresses.


I already fixed Z axis problems earlier. I did some measurment on the axis (see pictures) and the Z axis is very accurate within 0.01~0.02 mm. But the X and Y axis are not. While Y ist slightly better, when I step 0.1mm, the X motor is moving sometimes 0.01 and in the next step 0.25mm or nothing at all. I noticed that booth pulleys are wobbling a bit (out of tollerance?), but this does not explain the deviation, since the motor itself (without belt) is not turning regularly. I swapped the connection of the X and Y motor (the end swicht also) and its still the same motor on the X axis not turning regularly. So it seems not a controller problem. I also checked the connections. I’m a bit clueless right now…



As the motors are controlled with microstepping, so it could be that the motor is not accurate because it is not getting enough current. Raise the control voltage on the stepper drivers a bit, it should yield a better result.

That helped, thank you very much!

No problem