EDU10 as Pickit2

I am attempting to programme a PIC16F84 but EDU10 does not recognise it. The list of supported devices includes 16F84A but not 16F84. Am I stuck with no way to programme the 84? The pinouts are identical.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
The main difference between these devices is the maximum operating frequency: 10MHz for PIC16F84 and 20MHz for PIC16F84A.
So you can replace the PIC16F84 with PIC16F84A to get it programmed with EDU10.

Thanks for your support. So 16F84 should be Ok. But it is not. Pickit2 (EDU10) shows “no device detected” and DEVICE "unsupported part (ID=3FE0).
I am using an adaptor connected to J2 which connects all 5 lines (MCLR, ICSPD,ICSPC, Vdd & Gnd) to appropriate pins on 16F84 - checked and re-checked. Maybe my 16F84 is a dud. I shall obtain 16F84A and try again.

Indeed, the PIC16F84 is not PICkit 2 supported device. So it can’t be programmed with the EDU10.
The PIC16F84A is PICkit 2 supported and can be programmed with the EDU10 too.

In this document there is a list of the functional differences and the electrical specification differences and the considerations that must be taken into account when migrating from the PIC16F84 to the PIC16F84A: … 30072b.pdf

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