EDU09 non responsive

My newly built EDU09 kit is giving me the following problems:
When loaded, ie scoping a test point the software halts and the error shows “Unresponsive EDU09”
The software will calibrate with no problem every load up.
The software has been tried on three different systems A PC Running Win8, A laptop running Win 7 and an older ASUS Laptop running XP Pro
The software has been downloaded 3 times with tests repeated and no matter what the results are always the same.
Any good suggestions please.

Does the problem occur when you connect the GND (SK2) lead to the target or only when you connect the input (SK1) lead?
Does the result be every time “Not responding” or does the program just stop running?

The cause may be the microcontroller resets or the USB connection is lost.

Please check all the pins of IC3 are properly installed to the socket.
Please check also the pin 1 is properly connected via R22 to +3.3V and check the pin 14 is connected via C19 to GND.

If everything seems to be OK on the circuit board, you have to return the unit for check/repair.