EDU01 project3

I’m not able to perform the project 3 and don’t get why.
I’ve redo projet1 and projet2 (to be sure that the pieces are not broken, all have been tested behalf the 2 ‘condensateurs’)
I’ve spend 4h on it.
Can someone tell me what’s wrong ?

thanks … 6018254049


The problem here, so far I see, is that electric current coming from the battery cannot reach the 2nd led&transistors because the lines of + and - on the breadboard are seperated in the middle so electric current does not reach.

That is correct.
Please follow the assembly instructions in the manual correctly.
Compare your assembly with the drawing in the manual, you will immediately notice the difference (+ is interrupted).

It works !!!
But didn’t know about this separation in the middle.
Now that i know it it’s clear.

thanks a lot