EDU008 partlist

Bij de bouw van de EDU008 (scope) ontdekte ik het volgende voor het “base PCB”:
R3 staat in de onderdelenlijst als 22 ohm, in het schema als 15 ohm, terwijl 220 ohm geleverd is
C17 t/m C21 staan in de onderdelenlijst en schema als 1uF (105), geleverd is 0.1 uF (104)

Kunt u aangeven welke waarden de juiste zijn voor deze toepassing?

Values on the circuit diagram are subject to changes, the values in the assembly guide are correct.

There should be total 15 pcs 1uF capacitors and 6 pcs 0.1 uF capacitors in the kit.
If you carefully check the values and count them all now, how many do you find each value?

Should I then use 22 Ohm for R3, as stated in the partslist? Please specify value to be used

In the package I received 10 capacitors of 1 uF (105) and 11 of 0.1 uF (104).
According partslist there should be 15 of 1uF and 6 of 0.1 uF…Please specify values to be used for C1 thru C21

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

[quote=“WimXL, post:3, topic:32629”]
Should I then use 22 Ohm for R3, as stated in the partslist? [/quote]

Yes, 22 Ohm is the right value.

It seems that there are 5 pcs of 0.1 uF capacitors instead of 1uF capacitors.

So you need 5 pcs of 1 uF capacitors and one 22 Ohm resistor to complete the kit.

I think you may contact your local Velleman dealer for the parts.
Alternatively you can contact Velleman Customer Care at Velleman support and open a new ticket.