EDU 09 - Data analysis


we used the Oscillospe and EDU09 to meassure the pressure in a tube and now want to analyze the recorded data. The only problem is that we are no electrical engineering students and cannot make sense of the values given in the bottom right corner.
We want to compute the mean value and amplitude of the signal only from the picture.

We are confused about the data given in the label on the bottom right (see attached picture) it seems like there is a graphic error.

Could someone help us by explaining the formula of vrms and their units. Important for us is the connection of these values to the mean value and amplitude. Thank you in advance!

Oscilloscope EDU09 zoom

The values (71.31mV and -20.7dBm) seem to be slightly overlapping on your display.
Very strange…
I tried different display settings but I can’t reproduce the issue.