Edit mounting 8

I have a problem with the mounting 8. Is there any possibility of adapting the circuit for the LED only lights when detecting any person?
Some time ago I will buy a detector, someone could explain me how I can edit the original circuit to connect the detector?
detector circuit is I bought myself this:http://www.superrobotica.com/S320140.htm
Sorry for the translation. Is the translator of google

The detector you have bought can turn on an led when a person is detected (see diagram on detector web page).
There is no need for the EDU02 kit.

I have the kit I already edu02. The detector, battery operated, so I want to use the edu02 to charge batteries with solar detector. It is possible, I bought another solar panel to get 6v. But not how to modify the main circuit. Thank you very much

Sorry, we do not understand what you are trying to do.
Please explain or provide a link to a drawing.

Sorry, my english is very bad. And the google translator is confused. I will try to explain without the translator.

I buy the kit edu02, i mounting all circuits, but i like to modific circuit for used other detector PIR.
in my first posted i explicated my problem. I need to know how to expand the circuit to the sensor 5v.