E3d V6 extra strong mounts, bowden and MK2 direct drive

hi there, first post,

K8200 E3d V6 1.75mm Bowden hotend Bracket for MK2 short travel FINAL version

First one with motor mount on the bracket, a short travel bowden/direct drive desing,
instructions, equiptment and even cura settings and g-code and solidworks files all available
You can use 2 next to eachother, there is one for left and one for right side MK2 drive gear.
You do need to slide it on from the side, so a little more effort, but a rocksolid fit.

E3d Beefy Bowden mount 27.5mm rail K8200
E3d Beefy Bowden mount 27.5mm rail K8200
Second one just simple strong mount, can slide on without taking the arm apart, drive gear can be placed away from the z-arm, using teflon tube.
With this clamp the nozzle sits 3mm lower then the normal velleman direct drive, with E3D V6 hotend, for me thats no problem.

Both things have solidworks drawings included, and feel free to ask me to make improvements,
i’ll be adding a auto bed level sensor slot to them when my sensor arrives.
I you have special requests letme know and ill see what I can do…

grtz RobM Belgium

Awesome stuff!