E3d v5 hotend fan insulation

hey guys i have just recieved the e3d v5 hotend for my printer. as the original hot end Teflon cartridge got clogged over night and overheated and broke off at the weakest point. (i hear this has happened to a lot of people)

how do i soldier the 40 ohm transistor to the e3d fan. i assume you just cut the red wire of the fan then solder the resistor to each end of the red wire. then connect it into the blue mains socket on the board. this was not clear in the instructions. please help i do not want to damage the board. thank you for your time

Hello animatormatthew! So i suppose you want a 40 ohm resistor to reduce the voltage for the fan. I have the E3D hotend on my k8200 and coudnt be happier.
So what i have done is simply just got a 7 volt powersupply from a old mobile charger and connected it directly to the fan, there is no need to connect the E3D fan to the controller board. You can go with a voltage higher than 7 volts (12v max) but 7 volts works perfectly fine.
Oh, and the blue mains on you’re controller board is a INPUT not and OUTPUT :slight_smile:

Hope this helps you :slight_smile: