DVM4200: PC-Link does not work

  • I installed the USB-Driver from DVM4200 on Win 10 => Error 10[/list]
    This qrpforum.de/index.php?page=T … adID=10704 stated, that the Driver-Programmer excludes chinese fake chips.
  • So I installed an earlier driver with success: No err 10.
    But even no response on the accompaining software “6600 counts pc-link”.
  • Then I installed the dirver on a XP-system without error.
    But even no response on teh accompaining software “6600 counts pc-link”.
  • sniffing with hyperterminal on the related COM-port: no echo, no connection.[/list]
    Are there any ideas?
    [Edit] Yes there are ideas: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=18584 but it seems, that the multimeter itself sends no data. I have send it back to the seller.