Don't work without Computer connection


I have a ALLBOT VR408 with an Arduino Mega 2560.
I took the Sketch from the Website and changed the Pin numbers.
Also i changed the shunts to Mega.

When im connected with the Computer, it works fine.
When i’m not connectet it looks like it has to less power.
I use 4 brand New alkaline AA Batteries, the Positive & Negativ Pol is correct.
The IR Smartphone APP also doesn’t work without the Computer connection.

Thank you for Helping

Hello David1,

For Allbot 4 leg version, is better to use a LI-ION battery shield in stead of standard AA battery shield.
The LI-ION shield has more power for all servo’s and longer moves.
Article code: VRBS2 =>

For using the IR remote & Smartphone app, You’ll need to change this line in arduino firmware like this.
Change false to true.

boolean IRreceive = true; // Set this to true if you want to use the IR remote

Upload again, normally it should work with IR and smartphone app without computer.

If the robot is not doing anything or if it only works sometimes, try decreasing the (media) volume of your device. Also make sure the IR receiver on the back of the robot can “see” the VR001.

More info see this:

Velleman Support.