Does VM205 work on RPi 4B

Does the VM205 work on RPi 4B? I just recently purchased this shield and I can’t get it to work with my 4B. I downloaded the “Raspberry Pi 4 Software” from the website and unzipped it into a separate directory. I have the VM205 executable and when I double click it asks if I want to execute it? I select “execute” and nothing happens. I have enabled SPI and verified permissions for anyone to execute.
I am a novice at this linux stuff but the instructions seemed too simple and I must be missing something. I think I know enough not to screw up things too badly so I would appreciate any help.

@Rusty ,

The VM205 works on Rapsberry PI 4. This will work with the previous (first) release of the raspbian OS for PI4 called Bullseye. Indeed it doesn’t work on Latest release (bookworm)
Note: Use the 32-bit desktop version.

Working OS:

Raspberry Pi OS (Legacy) with desktop

  • System: 32-bit
  • Kernel version: 6.1
  • Debian version: 11 (bullseye)

link to download: from:

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The VM205 Software version for PI4 see here:

@VEL450 I also check all these resources. It is really helpful for me.