Does VM202 Player play non-stop?

I have one general question about the VM202 mp3-module.

I plan on rigging this up to a Gira wall-mounted radio’s line-ins, this radio acting as an amplifier (i.e. independent of it’s radio function) and being turned on only when the light in the room is switched on, remembering its last source setting.

The mp3-module would ideally not be connected to the light switch, i.e. get constant power.

So: will the mp3-module keep on repeating all tracks on the usb-stick in an endless loop once set to play or stop once it reaches the end?
If it does stop after playing all songs once, can I instead rig the module’s power supply (i.e. the transformer) to that light switch and does it start playing automatically once it gets power?

from what I read in the manual, I can use a 5V DC switch transformer to power it directly?


Yes, it will loop forever and you can power it from a regulated 5VDC.

Is there a way to disable the loop function, so it will only play the whole mp3’s once and stop or do pause?

No, it always loops.
You will have to add an external timer to stop it.