I would like to trigger multiple audiofiles via a pc. It’s for use in a museum. If someone passes a display than an audiofile would start to play. I already have the nescesairy (gitar) amplifiers. Would the DMX512 be of any use and how would a tipical setup be than? I would need external triggers. Lot’s of questions i know. Proffesional gear is not an option as we are a young starting museum with a cashflowproblem :wink:



You will need detectors and a PC interface card such as our K8055 or K8061.
Furthermore, you will require custom written software that checks if the interface card inputs are triggered. If this is the case, an MP3 file needs to be played.
This will require reasonable skills, both for the hardware and the software. We’d recommend that you check for local assistance.

I was afraid of that. I’m not a computer noob and I own a recording studio but it has to work as it is supposed to do, husslefree. The volonteers at the museum who will have to use and maintain it do not have a sciencedegree diploma to.

Thanks for the quickreply