Distance between extruder and heat bed


I just finished assembling the printer. Now I noticed a distance of about 3mm
between the extruder and the heat bed. Is that right? I saw some other printers
before, there wasn’t such a distance.

Many thanks in advance.

Best regards.

After assembly, follow the printer usage instructions

Chapter 003 will take you through the calibration process


thank you very much. I will start calibrating now.

Hi again,

I just startet calibrating the printer. I calibrated the distance between the heat bed
so, that in the corners are a distance of around 0.3mm. But the heat bed seems a little
bended, so in the middle of the bed there isn’t a distance anymore. Means the heat bed
is kissing the extruder there.

What to do now?

Thanks a lot.

It is better to have more space at the edges than in the middle, because you will be printing in the middle. I try to keep a perfect distance in the middle.

Hi parajew,

you can fix the bed by placing a mirror on top of it.
Plenty of threads regarding this issue can be found in the forum.

next thing to do is leveling the bed.