Devices that are compatible with the VR001

Connecting the VR001 on “LG G2” the application simply was not working.
I also tried to connect VR001 on “Samsung A3” but with that connect my mobile started to crash and do restart.
Can you tell me what are the minimum requirements for the VROO1 and application ?
I haven’t iPhone 5c,5s,6 or Samsung galaxy s6 .

Did you follow these instructions for the transmitter?

[quote=“VEL337”]Did you follow these instructions for the transmitter?[/quote]

Υes i have adjust everything . Ι have copy all the scetch from the site and i have chanche the line "boolean IRreceive = true;// : " I have check the battaty and etc…
Why when i connect Vr001 on my mobile and I press the buttons of the application does not shine the lights of VROO1;
or why crashes my mobiles ;

It works on Nexus 5 (LG-D821)