Developing with FTD2XX and PSCU1000


I have recently purchased a PSCU1000 DSO with intent of taking full advantage of the development DLL’s provided. I was however suprised to see the dependancy of the library on the core application’s executable.

My immediate response (being a techie lol) is to write some of my own code to talk directly with the FTDI device.

There is a wealth of developers information at the FTDI Chip Knowledgebase if anyone else is interested… … uction.htm

At this stage i am gathering info and determining the feasibility of writing my own libraries from scratch. Having not fully explored FTDI yet i am presuming that there will be a level of communication where proprietary Velleman data structures and opcodes will be required. Can you supply any such information? or is it closely guarded?

…im not expecting any full documentation, just the basics required to get started :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time.

I see that you don’t like the easy way to control the PCSU1000 scope via the PCSU1000D.DLL!
Indeed the are a lot of information on the FTDI site how to communicate with the FTDI chip. The PCSU1000 program uses many of those functions.
Anyhow it is too big job to describe even the basics of the operation of the PCSU1000 communication. Sorry that we do not have that kind of documentation to release that you are requesting.

Thanks for the quick reply, i think you guys are doing a great job with this forum and its excellent to see such a level of communication between developers and users!

It is unfortunate that the FTDI info is unavailable. Are you able to hint at all on how resillient the hardware would be to my ‘poking’ if i continue down this experimental path?

I would really like to be able to produce an independant library, just dont want to destroy a piece of kit i’ve only just bought :slight_smile:

Sorry, but I can’t give you any guarantee that there will be no risk if you start ‘poking’ the PCSU1000. If you like, you will do it with your own risk.
I think the PCSU1000 is rather high price ‘kit’ for test purposes. Rather I’d purchase or make an USB interface, similar as in the PCSU1000, and get it working properly. One ready built alternative may be USB-FIFO Adapter DLP-USB245M-G.
The price seems to be $25.
Here is the datasheet with circuit diagram:

Ok thats fair enough. For the time being i can make use of the existing DLL and look at other options such as your suggestion if i feel the need to elabourate on the implementation.

Thanks for your help, i appreciate it.