Detector vellermen 102cs

Buenas amigo e comprado dispositivo vellermen 102cs y no tiene la mismo alcance que el de mi amigo tiene menos sensibilidad , me gustaría que me informarán de los componentes que influyen en el alcance o sensibilidad como integrado,capacitador,transistor por favor necesito AYUDA. GRACIAS :pray::pray:

Good friend and bought device vellermen 102cs and it does not have the same range as my friend has less sensitivity, I would like you to inform me of the components that influence the range or sensitivity such as integrated, capacitor, transistor please I need HELP. THANK YOU: pray :: pray:

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So you are looking for information on the components that influence the detection sensitivity of a CS102 PROFESSIONAL METAL DETECTOR ( )
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Entonces, está buscando información sobre los componentes que influyen en la sensibilidad de detección de un DETECTOR DE METALES PROFESIONAL CS102

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Good friend, I need to know which components of the pcb influence the sensitivity of the detector?

Sorry, I can’t find any information for this. (No PCB schematic)
Maybe @VEL450 or @VEL255 can help.
Or you have to understand the basic functioning of the system. Have you already seen this, you may find some leads there:
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Lo siento, no puedo encontrar ninguna información para esto. (Sin esquema de PCB)
Quizás @ VEL450 o @ VEL255 puedan ayudar.
O tienes que entender el funcionamiento básico del sistema. ¿Ya ha visto esto? Puede encontrar algunas pistas allí:
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Hello @Trajano

We don’t have the circuit diagram of CS102 due copyrights from manufacturer.

For the operation and the use of it, you can follow the manual: cs102a4v02.pdf (

If you think the device doesn’t work as within the specifications, you can also bring the unit back to your local shop where you bought from for a RMA REQUEST.

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