Detect of K8055N via API


until now we use the K8055 on our x86 systems with the API.
Now we expand our software product to use also K8055N so we can use also your Hardware with x64 system.
At the moment we have the problem that we can’t check which hardware (K8055 or K8055N) is connected.
We have to know that because max sampling rate of the channels between K8055 and K8055N is different.

Could you explain us how we can detect if a K8055 or K8055N is connected via the API?

Stefan Borghoff

Sorry, in the original K8055D.DLL there is no option to detect the card version, but now there is added function CardVersion to the DLL.
Here is the link to download the updated version of the K8055D.DLL.
There is also included updated demo with button ‘Card Version’ added with source code.
The function CardVersion returns 32 bit integer:
0: Card not connected
1: K8055
2: K8055N

Thank you very much for the fast response and implementation of this function.

No problem, glad to be of assistance!


I am part of Stefan team and working on above item.
We are supporting K8055/K8055N both on X86(32 bit) and 64 bit systems.
Seems, attached DLL( supports only 32 bit system.
Can you please provide the same DLL(With CardVersion) for 64 bit System?


Here is the link to download the 64 bit version of the DLL and a 64 bit demo:

   Thanks for 64 bit DLL. I have one query.
For below scenario, SearchDevices() function in DLL returns different values for 
    32 and 64 bit systems.
Connected both K8055 and K8055N devices with same card Address 3(i.e SK5 - 
    OFF,SK6 - OFF) to PC.
    Return value of above function on 32 bit is 8 whereas on 64 bit, it is 16.
Please clarify, which of the above return value is desired one?

Indeed, the code of the 32 bit and 64 bit DLL is different. Maybe due to this difference the return values in this unexpected case are different.

If the return value on 64 bit DLL is wrong, Can you please correct and provide the 64 bit DLL so that both 32 and 64 bit DLL’s are in sync.

Actually the 64 bit version is just behaving different way. I’m sorry, not possible to modify.