Description of app functionality


Is a descripton available how the app should function?
It’s not quite clear to me how the several commands for the VR408 can be given.


Hi MasterMD,

Good question, it wasn’t clear to us in the beginning as well. It really helped to use an external power supply instead of batteries to make our AllBot respond more promptly to commands.
(Make sure you have put the volume on the phone high enough, the infrared led on the transmitter will light up when it’s correct)

The AllBot has many functions, and only 4 action buttons (green directional buttons in the app). To be able to use all the commands, first select a preset from 1 to 6 in the middle of the screen, then press one of the directional buttons.

Based on our experiments with VR204:
Preset 1 and 2: move 1 step, forward backwards or turn around (depending on directional button pressed)
Preset 3: Wave
Preset 4: Push-ups (actually pull downs)
Preset 5 and 6: move a few steps, forward backwards or turn around (depending on directional button pressed)

The speed slider controls how fast the movements are made.

The white button in the center of the directional buttons lets the AllBot beep.

To get it really correct you should probably dive into the arduino code and search for the infrared section of the code.

Best regards

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