Demo version of PClab2000SE interface software?

Hello I’m interested in purchasing the PCSU1000 oscilloscope but I would like to try the software PClab2000SE before I purchase the unit.

I’ve downloaded the software PClab2000SE from the following URL:, and unzipped the contents of the compressed ‘zip’ file but cannot start the software when I click on program icon: ‘SETUP.EXE’, an error occurs stating: ‘The parameter is incorrect’.

Could you please tell me if there is a demo version of this software which I can install and try, since I can’t install the provided version.

Thank you for your time.

One possible reason to this problem may be that the path of the setup.exe is too long.
Please copy the setup files to e.g. C:\Temp\

Thank you for the extremely quick response it’s appreciated.

After relocating the software to another directory it now installs perfectly, and I am now running the software in demo mode. And I’m quite impressed with the clean interface, I’ll let you know if I indeed purchase the PCSU1000 unit, thank you.