Deforming(melted) of object

printed a spoolholder and in the beginning everything is allright but then after some time 1 side on de bottem is like pressed down or melted something like that but the other side is fine.
and with other prints there is nothing wrong.
what can the problem be?

Please take a picture of the failed print while it is still on the heated bed, that way we can take a look

Yes i had the fan on but its going on automatically but on the first layer the fan isn’t on.
When do you use your fan?
Here’s the picture you can see that the left side is more up then the middle/right.

Guess i found the answer for my problem:

My 2nd problem is that in the middle of the print the whole upper constuction is like 1 line moved to the left.

Looks like a typical case where a corner of the print came off the bed during printing. Having a fan on can cause this to happen sooner, but I doubt that’s your problem. If you sandpaper and degrease your heated bed correctly, your print should never detach. The heated bed should be blurry and scratchy after sandpapering, not brand new and shiny.

the underground is my desk you see on the picture. have a glass sheet and kapton tape on the bed.
well it didnt came off but my window was open on the left thats why the left came up from the cold breeze.

do you know what cause the 2nd problem?
could it be bad code from slicer?
did a 2nd print of that and came out better but still has some faults.
my belts are under good tension so it doesnt skip steps

Your second problem looks like either the printbed has been knocked or a power surge (a heavy load on domestic wiring like shower, oven, etc will cause this) is the culprit.

If you know the printbed has not been knocked, and all over possibilities have been investigated, then I highly recommend using a UPS.

I live in the rural area where the main voltage swings from around 190v to 260v, and found the UPS solved the problem.

Hope this helps,

what do you mean with knocked?

Well i bought a new power supply 15v for the bed only so it can maintain its heat because now when the fan is on it can’t get to 45°C anymore.

I mean physically - when i was fine tuning the Z axis the print bed collided with my elbow and skips a few steps, it happens.

Well i bought a new power supply 15v for the bed only so it can maintain its heat because now when the fan is on it can’t get to 45°C anymore.[/quote]
Good idea, please post back with an update on how it goes.

The shifted layers are caused by one of the stepper motors losing steps.
This can happen if a blob of plastic forms on the top surface of the model while printing, and after this blob gets hard the printhead can collide with it.

I have reduced the ‘Extrusion multiplier’ in the Slic3r settings from 1.1 to 0.95 this seems to improve this issue but it still happens from time to time.

It happens quite often if you are printing models which have many sharp corners.
Maybe the problem is that at the corner the print head velocity is reduced and then there is too much plastic on this point which causes the corner area to grow upwards, over the normal z surface level.

You may want to check the reference voltage for the stepper motor X or Y
I had the same thing happen.
I changed it from 0.425 to 0.55
That helped