Defect stepper motor driver or defect cpu board?

Hello everyone!

Im from holland and my english is very bad. hope you can understand me!!.
A couple of weeks ago i bought a k8200. Today I started with (using the printer) after the assembly.
when i came to the second part i needed to take my multimeter. ([color=#0000FF]Put your multimeter on 2V DC and put the negative lead on the negative screw of the power connector. Put the positive lead on the large via of the first motor driver (for the extruder motor[/color]) I have done that for the E-motor without any problems. I did it with a metal screw driver. but when i was turning the screw i cut off the power. but i forgot to do that with the second motor driver. after that the motor read 0V. but the 3 other motor drivers are good (luckily). reading between 425 and 899 V. I know for sure that I had a short circuit. but now i wanna know what is broken and need to be replaced. the CPU or the Stepper motor. hopefully is there some one who can help me.

Sounds like you created a short on the stepper driver and fried it.
Fortunately they are widely available and reasonable priced.

Befor getting a new one i suggest to swap the faulty driver with one that’s known good.
Just to find out if something else is damaged.

And if there is a stepper damaged:I have 4 stepper controllers available for the stock K8200.
benarty at telenet dot be < send address.