Default settings in Vertex Nano Repetier V1.6.2

I have installed Vertex Nano Repetier V1.6.2., downloaded from the Vertex website.
In the Print Configuration there is only the default printer. I cannot choose the Vertex Nano.
Also the Quality settings is fixed at 0.2 mm. No other choice seems to be possible.
How can I change these settings. I would like to use thinner layers to print.

Regards, Jos

You may have to go in to the slicer configuration.
Select the printer and add quality. See the picture.

Good morning,
Thank you for trying to help me. Unfortunately the settings shown in your answer are not available with me. In the CuraEngine Settings there is only the default printer, not the VERTEX NANO shown in your picture and in the list of available print quality settings only 0.2 mm is shown, not the two other values shown in your picture. Do you use version V1.6.2 or an older version? If you use an older version, where can I find it?
Again thanks for helping.

Regards, Jos

Did you download the software from here?
To add the other sizes you need to click on the + button just above the arrow

Good evening,
Yes, I downloaded from this website.
I did try what you suggested, but it didn’t work.
In the end I removed the software from the PC and removed all entries with respect to vertexnano and repetier from the Windows registry. After that I re-installed the software and then it worked immediately.
I suppose something went wrong when I installed the software the first time.
Thanks for helping me.
Regards, Jos


Glad to hear it’s working.