DC protection and Bridged amplifier

I’m looking for a dc protection circuit for speakers that is suitable to be use with bridged amplifier with asimmetrical supply (ground V+). I checked M4701B, M4700. The first seems to be suitable but DC detection seems to be trigged at 10VDC which is IMHO a lot. The other used with bridged amplifier and asimmetrical supply is not suitable since dc is not detected. Have you got any that can used with bridged amplifier?

These are the only kits in our range.

Did I understood correctly? None of them are suitable to be connected to Bridged Amplifier with singular supply?

The passive unit is not suited in your opinion, as it only protects above 10VDC and the K4700 unit does not work with bridged config. and asymmetric supply. So no, none of them will do the job in this particular case.

Is it possible to have a schematics of the M4701B? Maybe is possible to change the sensitivity.

Doubt you can make it more sensitive.
As it is passive, it needs a certain voltage to power the relay.
Maybe if you would apply a 5V relay, but then you still need 5V…

What you mean? If the amplifier breaks I’ll get 5 volts to trigger the relay. In these case could be ok, maybe not perfect to protect very sensitive speakers, is it possible to get a schematic or manual ?

We suggest you get the K4701 kit,it is identical to the module.
That way, you have all parts and the manual with schematic.
Sorry, no modifications on demand.