Custom size mk3 heatbed

[size=150]MK3 Aluminium heatbed 240x214cm[/size]

Please note that the Aluminium heatbed can have some marks or minor scratches, but it will only be of cosmetic character and will not affect the use adversely.
Heatbed with 3mm aluminum core. The metallic side is the top print side and the black side is the bottom side.

Dual power supply. Operate at 12 Volt or 24 Volt. (Is possible to run on 15 Volt also on the 12V operation setup.)

There is no mounting holes on this heatbed. However if you need some you have the ability to drill some yourself.

Solder pads for multiple wires (ribbon cable) or a SMD pinhead connector can be mounted. Pads for SMD thermistor 1206 in the center of the plate.

•Dimensions 240mm x 214mm
•Resistance at 12 Volt setting is around 1,5 Ohm
•Resistance at 24 Volt setting is around 2,6 Ohm

@svdv have made a very useful PDF file for “dummies” installing the heatbed. You find it at (v3.0 Download)

If you want to use my frame solution for the heatbed you find the design among my other designs on thingiverse url=[/url]

size=150 Status Update :
If you would want one of the custom sized heatbeds. This is howto :

Price of the bed is : $35
Shipping Sweden : $9
Shipping Internationally : $20

Transfer Payment on Paypal on : (Add complete shipping address in description!!!)

Send me a email with the address also as a reminder and a way for me to send you email if need be for shipping info and support and so on.

PS Make shure you do a transfer and not payment for goods on Paypal or else Paypal will ninja 2,XX with some insurance payment.

size=150 Current Stock Status : 3, Sold : 108[/size]
// Marlark


I have ordered 10 custom sized Alu MK3 heatbeds as a test for the K8400. 3 mm thick, black and with dual power support without drill holes. Will arrive in about a week we hope. Going to be interesting to see the result of that test:)

Anyone interested in a plate if it turn out as i hope for?

// Marlark

I would be interested to know how you get on and what you are charging for one.

I would also be interested Marlark

:slight_smile: Eero… The endstops works like a charm stil :slight_smile: Have had alot of good use for them. Am going to continue my pet project with PVA. The sugestion with lemon oil/juice sounds interesting to try for that even thow your sugestion was for PLA and so on. Is fun tinkering and testing and trying things out :wink:

Very interested also. I bought the vertex just so i did not have to do any soldering… but now after a few weeks I am dying to fight warping here (printing big parts). and definitely need a heated bed…

Status update : I got the drawing for the heatbed today and it looks nice :slight_smile: Manufacturing starts tomorrow im told and should be on its way to me next week.

// Marlark

Status update : Was informed that they where sent today with DHL :slight_smile:

Fantastic initiative Marlark, I’m interested :)!

I’m also interested!

Another status update : Today i got the package :slight_smile: Dont know yet what the toll and taxes will be on this. DHL will aparently send me a invoice on that. I havent tested one yet on my own. Will do that tomorrow i hope. in the meanwhile here is a photo of the plate.

Nice! Definitely wanna have one after your test results are ok.

I would be interested to.

Got everything mounted but i am having a issue with the power expander. The input is 24V and when i set a temp in the firmware it gives 15V to the signal port. But the output port still remain 0V for some reason. I have emailed to get some feedback on it. Did however get the dhl invoice finally. So now i just need to get that darn power expander to work as it is supposed to. Somewhat enoying :wink:

Here is the way it must be wired. check if everything is OK.

Yea i know i followed the wiki and double checked with the reprap wiki over and over. But it isnt a very hard design. Sins i do get the temp value correct from the termistor and i do get 24V in to the expander and when i raise the bed temp the red light on the controller board do light red by the heatbed connector and it do trigger the 15V at that point in to the signal port. You would think it would supply a output voltage but it dont. Right now i think something is wrong with the expander. Sins it isnt doing the supposed behavior.

// Marlark

Just noticed that there is 2 components missing on my Power expander R7 and D1. Have asked if they are supposed to be there or not to On photo’s that i have seen around they are there.

Doh yup … just looked up the schematics for the Power expander and id say yes they are defenetly needed. Defect board. :frowning:

// Marlark

Hi Marlark,
Do you still have more of these beds? If so i would be interested.


Do you know the resistance of the 12 and 24V circuit?