Cura 2.X


Ultimaker has released a new version of their slicer Cura. The new version has a lot of option now to define your prints.
RepeterHost crashes repeadtly when slicing some files on Xubuntu 16.04 LTS so I decided to give Cura 2.X a try.

Cura 2.X is totally different from Cura 15.04 since it’s written from the ground up again.
I copied over most of the settings from RepetierHost and it works better then the CuraEngine in RepetierHost.

Only downside: no support for a custom bedsize but it works with the Prusa i3 settings.


Cura 2.1.2 seems to have very many interesting settings and features like coasting. It looks great!

To get the correct machine settings for K8400 one needs to construct two setting files
Program Files\Cura 2.1\resources\machines\vertex_k8400_single_head.json
Program Files\Cura 2.1\resources\machines\vertex_k8400_dual_head.json

One can copy some .json file for some other machine and modify it as a text file. Very many details about the printer can be entered, like “machine_width”, “machine_head_shape_min_x” and “machine_nozzle_heat_up_speed”. One can even specify an .stl file describing the platform.

Unfortunately, I have not figured out what the correct settings should be yet. Please share of you find good settings.