Cube 20x20x20 not exactly good


I print a cube 20x20x20,
good news, the cube is not to bad but the measures are not correct,

I have

is it good or not ?
if it is not good, can you give me advice plz ?

I chose a speed rate of 68 otherwise after some minutes I have a print problem.
I keeped the default value in cura.

which speed and speed rate do you use ?

the object :


Hi Pascal,
did you calibrate the stepper movements.
Meaning did you adjust the steps per millimeter for the x, y, and z axes

If not, search for “calibration 3d printer” in google.
You will find a lot of information about tit.

Worth reading it.


my tip:

print another cube with different dimensions: e.g. 30mmx30mmx30mm

Then check the deviations again.

if the deviation is similar (constant offset), you may check your slicer settings,
if the deviation is scaling (linearly increasing), you need to calibrate your stepper movements.

fran=k, hoh61 thanks for you answers,

I test a cube 40x40x40

      cube     cube
       20         40
x=  19.54      39.75
y=  19.93      39.96
z=  20.16      40.30

so the Z seems linear, Y seems constant, X strange :frowning:

In more I print a circle, it is not nice, with a second circle I have the same issue.

I suppose a axis is/are not parallel, what do you think.

the problem of my cube, is it the same problem ?

I used the tool for axis.
If i use the calliper for x axis I have 1 mm of difference on X axis.

remake the parallelism, now I have 0.1 of difference, is it good ?

I can’t test now, because my vertex is in a room where night it is cold (19°) without bed, impossible to print :frowning:
I will test tomorrow