Corner brackets poorly made, causes jams

Got the angle brackets. I tired to use one of the old brackets to assemble the
right hand vertical. Because of the difficulties I have had using all of the
brackets so far, I tried to slide one on the horizontal rail as I could not get
the vertical channel on with both brackets on its bottom. The bracket jammed
about 3 inches in and I could not slide it out, even using a clamp to draw it
off or even using slight hammering. It is stuck and cannot be moved or removed,
so the entire channel is compromised. I hate to think what the light hammering
did to the rest of the assembly.

I looked at the new brackets I received from you. They are machined to have
flat bottoms, unlike the ones in the kit. This can be seen in the picture of
the two below. The bottom of the bracket might be why the brackets 1) are so
hard to slip into the channel and 2) why this one jammed in the channel. If you
used brackets to assemble your printer, I can see why you had little trouble and
I have had so much.

As you can see in the second set of pictures two brackets attached to apposite
sides of a channel and not parallel, This causes the jamming when I try to
follow the on line instructions. If you look carefully you will see that the
bracket that has the unfinished bottom (the one supplied with the kit) does not
mate with the channel. Only one side makes contact the other is lifted off.
This will cause misalignment of the part. It probably has caused the entire
frame to be out of alignment. I don’t know how badly this affects the printer,
but I’m sure it is not as the design was planned.

I think you should replace all (but the 2 you already sent) of the brackets.

I hope to hear from you shortly, as I may have to return it the store or to you
as its usefulness is question.

I ran a file over the mating surfaces of all my joiners and every one dropped straight in. Didn’t use a single one of the extras.

Sorry, there are no pics attached.
Anyway, please mail your requirements and address to support at velleman dot be and we’ll make sure you’ll get replacements asap.

I’ve got the same problem as 3dalternate.

The guides on 8 of my brackets are not straight, the left and right sides of the guide are different by 1mm - enough to cause the angles to jam when trying to insert them into the frame. Will provide details direct to Velleman as well.


Edit - 10 of the brackets have bent guides.


I had some time to look over my 10 ‘jamming’ brackets and after removing the preinstalled nuts and bolts, found that around the holes was some overhang of material (appearing similar to swarf, but firmly attached to the bracket). This overhang was thick enough to cause the brackets to ‘jam’ when installed in the channel pieces - so I guess some aluminium leaked out of the mould during casting.

My solution was to simply grind the area around the bolt holes flush (you could probably also file it) to remove the overhang, and now the brackets fit OK.

Hope this is of use to anyone else with a bracket jamming problem.