Control servo with the VM167 (PWM at 50Hz)?

We are a kiosk manufacturer from Melbourne Australia, and we are using the VM167 in some of our products.

A new kiosk design we are working on uses a standard servo motor to position a camera. We would like to drive the servo motor with one of the PWM signals from the VM167 (as we already are using it for other functions in the kiosk).
However the PWM frequency is too high for the servo motor.
Is there a special command or a custom firmware that would reduce the PWM frequency to 50Hz.

thanks Voytek

I’m sorry, the lowest PWM frequency is 2929.68Hz.
There is no option in the microcontroller to get lower PWM frequency with the current clock frequency.

Thank you VEL255,

I was hoping there was an option of using an existing (or spare) internal timer and have an interrupt generating the PWM as it is such a low frequency.

Thanks again

Thank you for the suggestion.
For copyright reasons Velleman never releases source code or the firmware files.
I’m sorry, releasing the custom firmware is not possible.

I’m just little puzzled about this. Why didn’t you wrote which frequenze the PWM is working at in the specification on this page VM167: MINI USB INTERFACE BOARD – Velleman – Wholesaler and developer of electronics? And why is it on the frrequenze as it is - I measured it to 86us between the pulses, what was the idea of having such high frequenze?

By the way, have any thoughts about making a USB control board for controlling 4 to 6 servers? Why would anyone want this? For test automation which can be scripted in Python so that you as well can control external app via e.g. Appium in an Android environment on a mobile phone.