Continuing the accidentally stopped print

My printer stops sometimes accidentally during the print process. I have thought, that there ought to be a button to continue the print.
When printer stops, there is exact information about the program row where the stop happened.
So I think, that it is only an issue of programming to add a button by which the program is forced to continue.

It is very frustrating sometimes to see when the printer stops after some hours of printing job and the only way to continue the process is to cancel the print and start again from the beginning.

The problem is, that when you restart, the printer has no knowledge of it’s axis positions.
The only way to reestablish them is to home all axes, which will be impossible with a printed object on the buildplate…

If the printer had some kind of absolute position measurement for it’s axes that probably would be possible.

Do you print from an SD card or from your computer? If you’re printing from Repetier, in the Manual controls you can try clicking the OK button (bottom ling) to try and resume the print.

Anyway if your printer hangs up on a regular basis, you’d better add a net filter on the power line (or an UPS).

I’ve restarted a print successfully before. The trick is to look for the last gcode that was issued for that layer (if poss find a infill part) and then generate the gcode again. This time cut out all the gcode after the start up up to the point yours stopped. Save it and send it manually to the printer. Worked for me. But you do need to try and make sure it starts over an infill, not a perimeter, or you will get a visible blob where it restarted.