Connector on the back for squarwave probecalibration

Jus a couple of hours the owner of the HPS140
Try to calibrate the probe
But my probe from Textronic doesn’t fit
Witch connector fits in it ?
my probe wil not stay in that far to big hole

The original probe do he fits in that hole on the back ???
Thanks for reply

HPS140 uses a standard BNC probe.
Most likely, the Textronic probe is custom or a different standard.

I mean the hole for the 1 kHz signal on the back of the hps140
Thanks for the reply

The calibration output was not designed to hold the probe, you need to hold the probe yourself and push it against the test point.

I Have bought a Velleman probe after some try and error :slight_smile:
i have a square wave But it is not have a duty cycle of 50%
Is that Normal ??
1Mc from a signal generator the counter gives 173kc
Do i something wrong ?
or do i have a scope witch isn’t working 100%
Thanks in advance

Most likely you are doing something wrong.
First, check if the generator output is 1MHz.
Try a lower frequency, e.g. 1KHz. Most multimeter with frequency readout can measure this frequency.
Next, measure with the scope and check if it is the same.
Make sure to isolate just one period with the markers.
If the problem persists, please provide a link to a screenshot of the scope.